Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some very Intersting Records from Guinness World Records

1. Highest walk on air baloon.

2.The most stretchable skin.

3. The longest dog ears.

4. The highest paid attraction in slow decline.

5. The heaviest apple.

6. An old man, who committe lowering a rope.

7. The biggest hamburger, which can be bought.

8. The largest mirror ball.

9. The quickest office.

10. The biggest leap riding on a lion.

11.The largest number of concrete blocks, broken karatistom one minute.

12. The largest number of snakes gramuchih held in his mouth.

13. The largest number of needles in the head.

14. The longest fingernails on both hands.

15. The strongest vypuchivanie eye.

16. Smaleest and most of the living horses.

17. The biggest pick-up.

18. The most hirsute men.

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